Thursday, June 25, 2009

The S.S. Lily...

For Father's Day this year, the boys and I bought Craig a motorized toy boat. Introducing the S.S. Lily:

We chose for Lily to be buried at a cemetery on a hill overlooking a small lake very close to our home. As a family, we can go to the playground there, have a picnic, take turns driving the boat, and then hike up to Lily's memorial spot in the cemetery....that's exactly what we did this Father's Day.

This is the memorial stone Craig's parents thoughtfully purchased for Lily:

This is a picture of the boys we took hiking up to the cemetery in March:

Cemeteries have always felt eerie to me. But, there is just something so natural about Lily's cemetery and the way we can work family time into our visits. It's so much more peaceful than I would have ever expected.

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Holly said...

The cemetery and area around it sounds really nice. Cemeteries can be kinda creepy but Carleigh's doesn't feel that way. Maybe it's because she is there. It's in the country near a horse farm.

The stone is very nice and it was very thoughtful for Craig's parents to get it.