Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lily “Amazing” Grace Frederick

Lily is now 92 hours alive and is expected to amazingly come home with us today. We have been enjoying every minute and are amazed by all her actions and reactions. Lily loves being in Mommy’s arms, listening to our voices, but doesn’t care to be changed. We met with the hospice nurse last night and the best nurses around are teaching us on how to properly care for her.

Please pray for continued comfort, a safe trip home, and SLEEP!

(Sorry for the delay in the update, we’ve had trouble connecting to the Internet)


Susan Okechukwu said...

GOD IS MIGHTY!! Praise God for His great and wondrous work!!! You are in my prayers.

Tiffany said...

She really is amazing! Congratulations!

Angie Smith said...

i just wanted to let you know that i stopped by to meet your beautiful little flower. i am praying for you all...please feel free to write if i can help with anything... with much love,

angie (audrey's mom)

Dansie Family said...

i was directed to your blog from tiffany bishop. i've been checking it often! so glad your lily is able to be with you for so long! she's beautiful and so precious!

Danielle Glanfield said...

Jessica, Craig, Justin and Ethan,
We are so lucky to have met you through Kiddie Garden! You are such special people! You have taken me personally on a journey of hope and strength, that I don't think I've ever experienced! You have a special gift of focusing on the positive in life, and the fact that god was there to guide you through it all,is amazing!!! It is so wonderful that you met an amazing little girl,named Lily, and how she touched each and every one of us and most of us haven't even met her. What a special gift!!! If there is anything you need, please ask!!! And, Jessica, I mean anything!!!! May God bless all of you!!!! Lots of hugs and kisses! Danielle Glanfield (mom of David and Joey) XOXO