Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back-2-School and Summer Catch-up!

Where did the summer go? I cannot believe Sept is here and both of my boys are in school! I really stepped away for the summer....we kept pretty busy (active boys will do that to ya). Anyways, included in this post are links (down below) to navigate you to back-dated posts.

But first, let me share some photos from the first day of school for both of my boys:

Evan started first on Tuesday...his first day in preschool. By the smile on his face, you would never have guessed it would be his first time truly away from me (not counting children's church or MOPs mornings...neither of which I actually leave the building). After watching Justin get to stay and have fun for the last 3 years, I guess he knew what was up. It's like he was saying, "It's my turn!" when he said, "Miss. Ellen's my teacher now!" in his soft, yet teasing voice. His teacher said he smiled the whole day!

Justin started Kindergarten and took the bus for the first time on Wed with six other kindergarten friends in our neighborhood. There were no tears. Barely even a look backwards. I had to remind him to say goodbye to me by LOUDLY calling to him as he was starting to make his way toward the bus...I guess I needed that hug and kiss more than he did! In all honesty, it was terrific to see the kids at the bus stop feed off of each other's excitement....eager to ride the bus, meet their teachers and new classmates.

Well, today was the first day both boys went to school and the first time in 6+ years that I came home to an empty house. I cannot lie....there were tears.

For just a short moment there were tears. The silence of an empty home was like a reminder of what could have been. A reminder that my arms and my time should be filled with the task of caring for a 9-month old little girl. A little girl who would likely be cutting teeth, crawling and making messes, trying new foods, and discovering toys. My life should be complicated with balancing nap times and feeding schedules with the drop-offs and pick-ups for the boys...and, I would count it all joy.

But, thinking about what could have been gets me nowhere good. So, I will think about what will be. Tues and Thurs will become a much-needed "time-for-me" time....well, probably better stated as a much-needed "time-for-the-house" time. Hey, there's two days....let's compromise. One day for me and one day for the house. Okay, that's settled! : )

No, in reality, I am really looking forwarding to having some time to exercise and scrapbook. Those are the two activities I do just for me (although, by the way my boys enjoy flipping through their albums, I think they like the scrapbooking end result too). It gives me time to look through photos, like replaying memories. Journaling becomes the space to record all that is good about a person or an event. It gives me a creative outlet and a moment to thank God for every remembrance this life offers.

So, that's where we are...let me share where we've been!

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